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These artciles about Edinburgh's history and heritage are in a particular order so it is best to read them in the order they are displayed.

  • Introduction

    EDINBURGH is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For the visitor it has a many-sided appeal. To... more »

  • West Princes Street Gardens

    To the south, a wide area of attractive residences, spaciously set amid gardens and wooded policies, gives a garden -... more »

  • Edinburgh History

    Edinburgh, what first emerges out of the mists of tradition is the shape of its Castle Rock, dimly seen as... more »

  • King Robert the Bruce

    If its military history began centuries before, the earliest City Charter now extant is that granted by King Robert the... more »

  • John Knox

    Edinburgh became a cockpit in which Catholicism and Protestantism - with Mary Stuart and John Knox as representative champions -... more »

  • Edinburgh Since C18

    Edinburgh has subsequently lead a peaceful and almost uninterrupted prosperity. If in industry, wealth, and population it has had to... more »

  • Edinburgh Architectural Heritage

    THE romantic beauty of Edinburgh today is not due to her varied site alone; it owes at least as much... more »

  • Edinburgh Buildings

    The architectural history of Edinburgh began with the Castle, and here appropriately we find in the little Norman Chapel of... more »

  • Seventeenth Century Buildings in Edinburgh

    The art of the Renaissance made slow progress in Scotland owing to the long - drawn troubles of the Reformation... more »

  • Edinburgh Bridges

    THE BRIDGE - BUILDING PERIOD. By this time the Burgh had become dangerously overcrowded, with a population of some 60,000,... more »

  • Adam Brothers

    The earlier buildings in the New Town were somewhat commonplace, though beautifully decorated within. By the end of the century,... more »

  • The Romantic Movement

    There remains the third great force which has affected the modern city. The fires of the Romantic movement, lit towards... more »

  • The Seven Hills

    EDINBURGH is built on and surrounded by hills. To these hills it owes in a large measure its picturesque character.... more »

  • A Scottish Acropolis

    The Calton Hill is largely responsible for Edinburgh's descriptive title of "Modern Athens." The hill, commanding the long vista of... more »

  • Arthur's Seat

    Arthur's Seat's bold outline marks the site of the city from afar and illustrates one of Edinburgh's unique characteristics. In... more »

  • Blackford Hill

    When "the broom is blowin' bonnie," Blackford Hill affords a spectacle of colour of extraordinary richness. Its green bulk is... more »

  • The Braid Hills

    The Braid Hills are associated, not only in Edinburgh but all over Scotland, with the national game of golf. The... more »

  • Craiglockhart Hills

    The hills of Craiglockhart and Corstorphine stand as sentinels guarding the western approach of Greater Edinburgh. They rise on either... more »

  • Corstorphine Heights

    Across the vale rise the pleasantly wooded heights of Corstorphine Hill, on whose southern slopes are established the gardens of... more »

  • The Royal Mile

    THE Old Town is unquestionably the most interesting quarter of Edinburgh. It is, as Ruskin says, "delicious in life and... more »

  • The Castle Hill

    Leaving the Esplanade, we enter the Castle Hill, up which state processions passed when the Castle was a royal residence... more »

  • The Lawnmarket

    As we pass into the Lawnmarket, a short, steep street, the West Bow, branches off on our right. Formerly a... more »

  • Deacon Brodie

    Farther down, on the same side, is Brodie's Close, where lived the notorious Deacon Brodie, immortalised by R. L. Stevenson... more »

  • St Giles Church

    Facing us is St. Giles' Church, whose walls have witnessed some memorable scenes, e.g., the preaching of John Knox, and... more »

  • Parliament House

    The building on the south side of Parliament Square, with its Italian fašade and imposing Doric portico, is occupied by... more »

  • Royal Proclamations

    Immediately east of St. Giles' is the Mercat Cross, which, during several centuries, acquired associations that made it the centre,... more »

  • Flora Macdonald

    Across the street is Anchor Close, at the lower end of which, in a building now removed, was the printing... more »

  • Cleanse the Causeway

    Blackfriars Street (south side) led to the monastery of the Blackfriars, founded by Alexander II. in 1230. This thoroughfare, or... more »

  • A Canongate Romance

    Near the top (south side) is Chessel's Court, at the far end of which is the old Excise Office, the... more »

  • Moray House

    Returning to Canongate, Moray House has a curious entrance guarded by obelisk - topped pillars and its substantial balcony. In... more »

  • Adam Smith

    In the second close from the churchyard (north side), within a little courtyard on the right, stands Panmure House, the... more »

  • The Castle and the Palace

    FROM time immemorial there have been fortifications on the Castle Rock. It is not, however, until 1004 that it is... more »

  • The Crown Square

    On the highest portion of the rock is the Crown Square, having the Palace buildings on the east side, the... more »

  • Scottish National War Memorial

    The Scottish National War Memorial occupies the site of an early chapel founded by David I., rebuilt in the fourteenth... more »

  • Palace of Holyroodhouse

    The Palace of Holyroodhouse was a development of the Abbey founded by David I. in 1128; and since that date... more »

  • The Banqueting Hall

    The Palace, when the Sovereign is not in residence, is open to visitors, who proceed by way of a staircase... more »

  • The Cowgate

    THE "Cow - gait" - the "Via Vaccarum" of Alexander Alesse in the early sixteenth century; the "Platea Bovina" of... more »

  • Patrician Homes

    In the interval, the Cowgate has experienced many changes. In the course of time it became the residence of nobles... more »

  • The The Tailors' Hall

    The Tailors' Hall has also witnessed important national and civic events, such as the preliminaries to the signing, in 1638,... more »