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Mexican Restaurants

This page is Edinburgh Online's Mexican Restaurants section showing a list of local Mexican restaurants. Each Mexican restaurant on this page links to its individual profile page with full contact details and reviews.


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Mexican Restaurants Reviews

Find out what people are saying about Edinburgh Mexican restaurants.

Reviews relating to Mexican restaurants

  • Booked for friday!! by Skinnyhips

    (Chiquito Mexican Restaurant) Managed to get through to the store although number listed on website different,called frederick street who gave 0131 669 3315,...

  • Brilliant by Mr Ferguson

    (Chiquito Mexican Restaurant) I've tried to call 15 times and counting to book a table on the 3rd of December at 10.50th and...

  • Waste of Money by Unsatisfied Customer

    (Garibaldi's) The food is cheap granted. If you love food heated in a microwave then this is the place for you!!!! If you...

  • Closed... I now go to Tex Mex II by Mandy

    (The Salsa Hut) Loved this place for its funky laid back attitude.Unfortunately it is closed down so just recently found a new place...

  • So good that... by Pancho villa

    (Garibaldi's) So good that doesnt exist anymore bad luck and garibaldis still alive and kicking where the food is very good and authentic...

  • Was My favourite by Terry

    (Garibaldi's) Used to go there all the time but a new place has stolen my affections. Tex Mex II at 64...

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