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John Knox House

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The picturesque and curiously gabled house projecting into the street on the north side is traditionally known as John Knox's House. During the greater part of the Reformer's stay in Edinburgh this building was occupied by James Mossman, goldsmith to Mary Queen of Scots, whose initials, together with those of his wife, Marriot Arres, are carved on the front of the building. Knox, however, is said to have lived here for a few months before his death, although it is also claimed he lived in Warriston Close. On the lintel on the ground floor, in old lettering, are the words:

"Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself"

Whilst at the corner is a figure supposed to represent Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. The building is now part of the Scottish Storytelling Centre, containing many interesting relics of the days of Knox.

Immediately below "Knox's Corner," and extending across the street, stood Netherbow Port, the chief gateway of the city.

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