Edinburgh's History

The following articles provide a glimpse into some of the more notable episodes of Edinburgh's rich history.

  • Edinburgh's Origins

    Edinburghs origins are shrouded in the mists of time. Emerging out of the mists of time and tradition, the shape of the Castle Rock fades into view, appearing dimly as if its surroundings are shrouded in haar... more »
  • King Robert the Bruce

    If Edinburgh's military history began centuries before, the earliest City Charter now extant is that granted by King Robert the Bruce in 28th May 1329. By this charter the Sovereign conveyed to the town the Port of Leith a troublesome heritage that lasted for five centuries... more »
  • John Knox

    During the 16th Century, Edinburgh became a cockpit in which Catholicism and Protestantism - with Mary, Queen of Scots (Mary Stuart) and John Knox as representative champions - fought a battle to the death. The scandals of the Court, as well as of the Church, added fuel to the flames... more »
  • Edinburgh Since C18

    Since the 18th Century, Edinburgh has subsequently lead a peaceful and almost uninterrupted prosperity. If in industry, wealth, and population it has had to yield to Glasgow, it has remained the head and centre of Scottish affairs - in the Church, in the Law, and in Executive Government; it has kept a lead in art and literature; while education, on which a copestone - since widened, heightened, and renewed - was placed when the University was founded, under municipal auspices, in 1583, may be said to be its chief business... more »