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New Listings for July 2016

The table below shows a selection of new businesses added to Edinburgh Online for each day in July 2016. Please choose a date to view the complete list of businesses added on that day.

DateNumber Of BusinessesBusinesses Added
2nd July6Legal Medicine Services, Lowndes Investments GP LLP, Nevis Design Consultants, Partners Group Access 512 L.P., SC Tour, Ten Thousand Things Fabrication... View complete list
3rd July16Barberdoo, Barclays, Contractor Accounts, Drayton Assets LP, Finlogic Business LP, G + G Communications Group, Harlaw Consulting Associates, L M C (Taxis), Neilson, Omega Global Power LP... View complete list
4th July14Antoxis, Apex Property Care, Cmgs Trustees, Dschubba LP, Eeef Executive Partnership, Insitu Building Company, Minerva Associates UK, Sainsbury's, Taxi Services 1, The Co-operative Food... View complete list
5th July9Baguette Express KMB, Burgh Locks, Hurly Burly Brewery, Maple Stream LP, Morangie Mineral Water Company, Morningside Masonry, Nautica Ventures LP, Property Repair, The Welcoming Association... View complete list
6th July11Balfour & Manson Trustees, Ben Nevis Worldwide Trading LP, Casa Bonnifer, Catering Equipment Repairs And Maintenance, Clarks, Highlander Distribution, Medical And Commercial Occupational Health, Superdrug, Ta Harris & Son, The Final Company To Be E-Incorporated In Scotland Under The Companies Act 1985... View complete list
7th July16A S L P 62, Blackrock Private Growth Markets I Investments, L.P., Celon Food, F&C Group Esop Trustee, Frontdoor Developments, Gap, Gus Education (Scotland), Horizon Capital, Intelligent Organics, J G Chierchia... View complete list
8th July13Covent Systems Company LP, Green Dragon Hot Food, Guthrie Scottish Nominees (No.1), Hairplace Barbers (West Calder), LOS Claveles (Two), Lgbt Healthy Living Centre, Logan Oil Tools,, Martin's Kitchen Takeaway, Mothercare, Motion Fund II (GP) LP... View complete list
9th July16Adilake Management LP, Caledonian Coolers, Contostar L.P., Copymade, Decima Biomed, Everton Export L.P., Forster Business LP, Four Way Innovations, Just G Boutique, Pax Studio... View complete list
10th July15Brodies Nominees, Campur LP, Capital Coach Works, Chaps Heating & Plumbing, Coldspring Investments, Dmws 985, Eadan Communications LP, Felsham Planning & Development, Monachrom Impex LP, Nucleus Trustee Company... View complete list
11th July84G Scotland, Game, Graham Reed Consultancy, Hami UK International Trading, Kenmore Title, RGB Pubs (Scotland), T.E. Taxis, Tweedhill... View complete list
12th July16Aberforth LGP IB, Alfa Trading And Consultancy, Castle Knight Global LP, Catriona Forsyth Design, Fine Technical Services L.P., Grand Technology L.P., Kelly & Bowman, Marvel Direct LP, Material Corporation L.P., Monoceros DA... View complete list
13th July9Aslp96 Scottish Partnership, Big ECO, Cranwell Solutions LP, Jam Hard Music, Lloyds TSB, Ocean Terminal 2012, Post Office, Selenga LP, Swan Scientific... View complete list
14th July10Basis Ecotech LLP, Beechwood Joiners & Builders, Bolton Projects Partnership, Car Sales Edinburgh, Greenfields Stud, Naihas, Sainsbury's, Sean Rintoul, Skyline Corp LP, Technology Support Worldwide L.P.... View complete list
15th July11Asda, Capax Infiniti, Cindystea, Kildalton, Partners Group Access 843 L.P., Post Office, Seven Ten Eleven, Superdrug, The Village Holiday Club, Weihai Printing Machinery Europe... View complete list
16th July16Abatron, Brian Ho, Business & Enterprise Scotland, Credit Risk Consulting, Edinburgh Community Food, Gamma Investment SP, Limitless Creations, Lothian Shelf (368), Lvla, Maddie & Mark's Franchise... View complete list
17th July6Atcw (Dundee), Bistro Provence, Mansford Investors LP, Partners Group Access 410 L.P., Stationeryshop, Wragg Investment Management... View complete list
18th July8Bill Lipscombe, Fort Elm LP, Iain Riddell Consultancy, John Gillan, Ownyourship, Pacific Acquisitions L.P., Partners Group Access 295 L.P., St James Edinburgh... View complete list
19th July13Ahogany International Traders LP, Calabar, Crowngrove, Felix Management I, Lion Capital Fund III SBS (USD) , L.P., Lonviriol Commercial LP, Post Office, Pusser, RJ Pearson Property Consultants, The Co-operative Food... View complete list
20th July8Bristol Fort LP, Colibria Logistics LP, Gemtech International, Queensferry Attorneys, Reach 4 Coaching & Consulting, Seavation, Security Design Associates (1979), The Co-operative Food... View complete list
21st July5Cgp2 LK Investment, L.P., City Stay Edinburgh, II Business Consulting, Majsun, Moleta Munro... View complete list
22nd July10AXA Early Secondary Fund V B L.P., Benson Elliot GP, L.P., Euro Football Management LP, Hawthornden Press, Hollander International Systems, Larach, NCF Assets, P-Fuel Europe, The Institute Of Financial Services In Scotland, Wildpark Sales L.P.... View complete list
23rd July11Areford Estate LP, British Computer Association Of The Blind, Digital Image Centre, Feed The Fire Events LLP, Goldenacre Bowling Club, Ho-Asjoe, IC Development Investors, Midwest Group LLP, Quaco LP, Sanridge Management LP... View complete list
24th July5Acemount Media LP, Goldcrest Group, Parsons Assets LP, Post Office, Stoneyhill Energy... View complete list
25th July16Ajslp19, Alcor Universal L.P., Aytak Tafakor Company (ATC), Caffe La Ronda, Capital Glazing, Dynamic Earth Enterprises, Edinburgh College Of Cosmological Enquiry Into Human Origins And Manifest Ontolo, Fair Isle Bird Observatory Trust (The), Grosvenor March Investments & Developments, Investment Management International... View complete list
26th July13Baldwyn Invest LP, Capewell Management, DS Invest LP, De Love L.P., Enterprising Scotland, Howie Nicholsby, J.P. Morgan G2 (Scots GP), Marks and Spencer, Melgard Development LP, New Lucky Diamond... View complete list
27th July10Common Ground Association, Debbie Coull, Edinburgh Retail Investments, Fitness Ready, I-Tech Solutions Worldwide L.P., Ilio Hernandez Tour Guiding Services, Kellano & Hamilton LP, Miicard, Sainsburys, Tonino's Takeaway... View complete list
28th July7Assenta, Bruce Stevenson Risk Management, J&V Better Home, Next, Nordiske Tidskrift LP, The Centre For Independent Mortgage Advice, The Co-operative Food... View complete list
29th July5European Fund Investments II Partnership, Mariachi (Scotland), Quango Takeaway, Rankin Fraser Landscape Architecture LLP, SSL Investments (DP2) LP... View complete list
30th July8Bancarnach Developments, CIT Pretium Opportunities Executives 1 Partnership, Energy Ladder, Goose Grass Programming, Invincto LP, Linnmac Property, Notum Property Services, Rutherfordinc... View complete list
31st July12Achievement Consulting, Coaxtion Consulting, Colin Kerr Consultancy, Crete Lagada Ridge, Graincard, Post Office, Quest Advantage, Radigal Companion LP, Roseburn Care, Stellar Property & Management... View complete list