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New Listings for January 2017

The table below shows a selection of new businesses added to Edinburgh Online for each day in January 2017. Please choose a date to view the complete list of businesses added on that day.

DateNumber Of BusinessesBusinesses Added
2nd January14Airts Consulting, Cameron Hume (Trustees), Enterstile L.P., Fraser Lumsden Services, Gama Software, Glenfield Industrial L.P., Glenprop 1, Grainger-Dunsmore, Limelight Careers, Mac Arena Foods Company... View complete list
3rd January11Beaghmor Property, Buildport Industries L.P., EPE Carry GP, Etive Consulting Engineers, Glenterrin, Karen Crowley, Mackenzie Hughes, Marfield Industries LP, Maydew-Richardson Services, Programme Success... View complete list
4th January8Balkan Intertrade LP, Breamen Capital LP, Cooperation Technologies L.P., Cornish Place Residents Company, PVR Management, Plexton Trading LP, Remade In Edinburgh, Velos Energy... View complete list
5th January7Aegon Investment Solutions - Nominee 3 (ISA), August Equity Partners II Executives Partnership LP, Businessboostexperts, CD Management Services, Grizzly Business, The Ridiculously Sticky Brownie Company, Waverley Lane... View complete list
6th January7Burke & Hare, Cherrywater, Design And Construction Group LP, High Style Inter LP, Partners Group Access 348 L.P., Royal Bank Insurance Consultants, Scotia Homes (North)... View complete list
7th January10Fisgard Consulting, Invest Global L.P., JSV, Jellybean Partners, Just Bus Drivers (Scotland), Men2mentor Community Interest Company, Napier Bond Advisory Services, North Edinburgh Drug And Alcohol Centre, Prologis Pelp Holding LP, Velvet Cleaning... View complete list
8th January9BLP 2004-31, Berger Trade LP, Boncar Marketing LP, Direct Investments Solutions L.P., East Bridge Retail, In Spirit And Truth Ministries (Love Church), Pentland Crown And Bridge, Power Systems Solutions (Scotland), RBS... View complete list
9th January7Ennova, Hallberg Universal L.P., Locate Developments Group, Partners Group Access 393 L.P., Partners Group Access 556 L.P., Stirling Water Seafield, Urban Twist Holdings... View complete list
10th January8Boots, Dalrymple Taxis, Enex Worldwide L.P., Eriska Secretaries, KMB Projects, R&B Distillers, Ras Criggie, Smith Holiday Property... View complete list
11th January9Bank Of Ireland (Founder Partner) L.P., Enterprise Project Management, GEP Grey Owl, Gateway PFI, Gerton Sales LP, Linton Recruitment, Nano Opportunities LP, North Edinburgh Dementia Care, Zeus Founder Partner LP... View complete list
12th January123I Media 08-10 LP, BLP 2004-23, Crusts (Edinburgh), George Maclellan Holdings, Hamilton Design, Jetway Partners LP, Jodpars, Post Office, Post Office, Recycle-To-Cycle Trading... View complete list
13th January62601 Management Consulting, Deburgh Executive Management, EQT Infrastructure II (No.1) Feeder Partnership, Liberton Trading, Taynuilt Associates, The Percy Catering... View complete list
14th January8Banglera LP, Caledonia Homes Group, Egart, Postcode Earth Trust, Savills IM SLP II GP LLP, Spear Investments, Spiegelworld, The Co-operative Food... View complete list
15th January12Alderburn Finance, Corco Engineering, Edinburgh Acoustical Company, FPE II CI LP, Global Construction And Supplies L.P., Gordman Investments LLP, Murrayfield Benevolent Foundation, Partners Group Access 206 L.P., Partners Group Access 619 L.P., Standard Focus... View complete list
16th January10Affiance Alliance LP, Emms International, Euro Consulting Emea, Gaeltech, Jayce Trading LP, Klevar Consulting & Co, Lifting & Transportation Facilities (UK) LP, Milburn Commerce LP, Sabine Enterprises, The Co-operative Food... View complete list
17th January7Blue Ocean Logistics LP, Dokenhill Trading LP, Korado Capital LP, Lomond Capital Partnership LLP, Promasta Sales LP, Show Bis Production LP, The Maitri Trust... View complete list
18th January117even Construction, AJI Edinburgh, Babieca, Brinpak Universal LP, Carbon Clothing, Highland Fuels, Inverusk LLP, Lion/Jewel DDB Investments A, L.P., Physiomedics, RWN Orthopaedics... View complete list
19th January12Caique Publishing, Cosway Clinical Psychology, Fin Alliance LP, Insight Residential Real Estate No. 16 Partnership, Inter Beauty LP, Mitchell Edwards, Movingwifi, Open Minds Scotland CIC, Optimum Motors, Practice Resources LP... View complete list
20th January6Akoma Service LP, Ares Capital Europe III (D) Feeder, L.P., Boots, Intelligentcoms, Livatrade Project LP, Suomen Return LP... View complete list
21st January7Aizaktrans, Event Caterhire, Gamesanalytics, John Hunter Contracts, Jonathan Leavens, Nova Europa Consultancy, Orient Import/Export L.P.... View complete list
22nd January15Able Roofing Solutions, Bier UK, Boardroom Development, Charlie Miller South St. Andrew Street, Craftex Development, Crestwell Trade LP, Lhondhoo Title, Montrose Review Press, Partners Group Access 100 L.P., Post Office... View complete list
23rd January5Beckett Resources L.P., Bright Solutions Worldwide L.P., Crux & Co LP, Greenbank Sports, Samuel Webster & Sons... View complete list
24th January15119 Edin, C&H Services (UK), Currie Consulting, Dalemist, EB Consulting, Eurowave, Ferguson's Home Bakery, Gracie Computing Software Services, Howard-Johnston, Hugapug... View complete list
25th January12Achnacarry Development, B.K.M. Properties (No.2), Big Hearts Community Trust, Cablecom Electrical, Coribou88 Caramelove, G.E.M. Taxis, George Street Asset Management, Munro Energy & Infrastructure, Safe And Sound Drugs Welfare Services, Standard Life Trustee Company... View complete list
26th January11Cardona International LP, Crescent Print Edinburgh, Dh31, Intercom & Partners, Irene Napier Make-Up Design, Liston LP, Sutton Consulting, Tandem Associates, Thinktastic, Turnberry Rubicon... View complete list
27th January13C H Wholesale, Contour Management LP, For Spills, Georgian Apartments, Go Think Learning, Golden Dragon Edinburgh, Kolon Direct, Macdrivers, Prudential Greenfield SLP GP LLP, The Co-operative Food... View complete list
28th January7AU Interiors & Building Services, Apila Consulting, Capability Scotland, Carradale Chem LP, Lothian Distillers, One Parent Families Scotland, Place D'Or 723... View complete list
29th January16Caledon Properties, Castle Removals, Ccps - Coalition Of Care And Support Providers In Scotland, Clearbell II LP, Destiny Student, Freeagent Central, Hall Pearson, Hallyburton Estates, I-Trade Worldwide L.P., MIT Retirement/Patron GP... View complete list
30th January5Colliance Consultancy, DL Bay Investments, McLean Properties, Phyos, The Westsider (Edinburgh)... View complete list
31st January11ATB Wind Sites, Barony Solutions, Blackrock Private Growth Markets II Investments, L.P., CEC Recovery, Chinese Delight Oxgangs, Goldcrest Partners LLP, Lily Europe L.P., Monere, Oldstone International L.P., Tesco... View complete list