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New Listings for May 2017

The table below shows a selection of new businesses added to Edinburgh Online for each day in May 2017. Please choose a date to view the complete list of businesses added on that day.

DateNumber Of BusinessesBusinesses Added
2nd May8Family Office Wealth Management, Fraoch House, Hopkins Consultancy, Kirknewton Community Development Trust, Orbit Solar, Post Office, Space Scotland, West Register (Land)... View complete list
3rd May7Achieve Training, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Execspace, Partners Group Panther Access Pass-Through, L.P., RCL Consulting, Siberia Export L.P., The Castle Project (Substance Misuse)... View complete list
4th May13Cep III ILP (Scotland), HG China-UK Education, Intrallect, Langelands Bugt LP, Lotus Management L.P., Melvcorp NDT & Inspection, Mogo (Scotland), Partners Group Access 249 L.P., Partners Group Access 386 L.P., Tesco... View complete list
5th May9Cchmg, Crescent Kitchen, Desford Centenary Park Partnership, Hamilton Tait, Imported Instruments, Oakridge Property, Sae Sinclair, Saltire Property Investments, Stenson Impex LP... View complete list
6th May14Bbgp Special Partner LP, Belsco 1039, CDA Investment L.P., Callao Beauty, Cap III (Scot) L.P., Kenwall Inter L.P., Kraya, Kyle-Ttibsen, Marine Elite LP, Peachy Mondays... View complete list
7th May6Elvin Alliance LP, Millenio Business, Pantheon Ventures (Scotland) GP, Pentland Bed Co., Possumcraft, Post Office... View complete list
8th May10Core Infrastructure Income Feeder 1 L.P., Crombie Capital Trancoso, Dickinson Global LP, Freeze Pro Shop, Lloyds TSB, Macar Pack, Sinigma Studios, Tabula Solutions, The Co-operative Food, Untangled Web... View complete list
9th May81018, Balnaguard Holdings, Boyd Legal, Fine Imports/Exports L.P., Halia, Supramond Import L.P., The Counting House (Scotland), Waterloo Place Partnership... View complete list
10th May9Acherson Trading LP, Atropatena AZ LP, Carditeks Commerce LP, Edinburgh Building Co., Future Solar Energy, Hemp Eyewear, Natwest, Strathtarran, Whitewater Publishing... View complete list
11th May7Bright Land Impex LP, Glazglint Solution LP, Orthosonics, RBS, Rock House Investment Management, S. Reserv LP, The Grain Store Restaurant... View complete list
12th May13Acretown, CMC Associates, Cameron Laird Architects, Gloss Developments, Haptogen, Henry Abram, MML Growth Capital Partners Ireland Founder Partner LP, Madison Commerce LP, Mezzanine Management Fund IV Founder Partner SLP, Orrmac (No:500)... View complete list
13th May10Adenett Devices, Ares European Property Enhancement Partners II, L.P., BJ Fit Solutions, DB Consulting Services, Exclusiv Air LP, Fireside Tartan, Frontera LP, Independent Advice Centre LP, Partners Group Access 575 L.P., Verger Tomson... View complete list
14th May7Chemed Consulting, Cobalt Rhenium Three LP, Creativus, Henry Duncan Foundation, JJ Chalmers, PQM, Partners Group Access 138 L.P.... View complete list
15th May11ACA Trading, C K T Consultants, Ceifer Coffee Company, Infranet Media, London Office Royal Bank Of Scotland Nominees, MCI Properties, Marks and Spencer, Radical Independent Music, Rapidadvance UK LP, Rejent Happyhill... View complete list
16th May13Borland Insurance, Company Agents, Et Alliance (UK), Fleetwood Solutions, GBD Bluebell 2, Gentec Solutions L.P., Montferrer LP, Partners Group Access 762 L.P., Post Office, Property Moments... View complete list
17th May13Dunedin Guest House, EV Construction Solutions, Eastview Ventures L.P., Fontmerle, Ladyswood Corporation LP, Marks and Spencer, Mountain View Consulting, Partners Group Access 122 L.P., Partners Group Access 445 L.P., Partners Group Access 649 L.P.... View complete list
18th May11Croftberg L.P., Curzon Special GP, GCA+D, JM Organics LP, North Charlotte Securities, Northstar Construction L.P., Paion Holdings UK, Render Trade LP, Softlink Alliance L.P., The Co-operative Food... View complete list
19th May11Aland Forwarding LP, Animac, Bernice LP, Calendrax Estate LP, Farm Originals, Matt Laird Spa Consultancy, Mitre Nominees, Patience Jewellery, Pet Life Balance, Post Office... View complete list
20th May11Asset It, Earthbright, Forth Engineering Services, Merolle LP, Milberton, P1 Hospitality Services, Post Office, RBS, Shallbig Marketing LP, Shout Property... View complete list
21st May9Artists Collective Gallery , The, Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon Public Company, Canongate Books, Changeworks UK, Jacks 1 Plant, Le Francais EN Ecosse, Mono Terminal LLP, Thomson Financial Services, Tourco... View complete list
22nd May15A. P. Analytical LLP, Abel & Co. (Scotland), Beachrail, Burness Paull (Trustees), Cactus Findings, Cardinal Sports, Forth Properties, Gairnshiel, Jaze No 1 Management, Merchiston Enterprises... View complete list
23rd May5Carronvale Building Company, Dentar LP, East Anglia Impex LP, Potent 6, Travis Perkins... View complete list
24th May15Assynt Trading Company, Hetton Investments, Iron-Oxide, LGF Consultancy, Oil Techno LP, Old Worthy Brewing Company, Pine Lake Title, SDI Outreach, Sainsbury's, Superdrug... View complete list
25th May11Accountancy And Financial Solutions, Adam Project Management, Advanced Integra LP, Centrex Mission LP, Cutting Edge Productions (Scotland), Dewar Arts Awards, MDB Property Investment Company, Oceanwave Enterprises L.P., Post Office, Shadows Advisers LP... View complete list
26th May12Al05mac, Duncarron Fort, Hamilton Grieve, JMC Commercial Innovation, Lift Trade LP, Lomond Capital No.1, PC & A, RBS Special Opportunities General Partner (Scotland), Rekami Stworzone By Iwona Tamborska, The Maitland-Walker SLP... View complete list
27th May16Astra Capital L.P., DHS PM Services, Damor Production LP, Edinburgh Vision, Eusaco Premises, GT Emblem Investments, Gap Developments, Grainfax, Maxwell Expert LP, Moss Products... View complete list
28th May10Clearbrew Edinburgh, Compco Holdings, Fifty Shades Sunglasses, Letsex, Orchid Takeaway Crieff, Rockville Orthopaedics, Sheerton Export LP, The Company Formation People, The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, Vopen... View complete list
29th May10Admire Trade LP, Alpha Schools (West Lothian), Andersinns, Fife Energy (Services), Fishkeeper Scotland, Foremost Technology L.P., Hills Meadow, ND Barrett, Sturrock Consulting, Tucson Properties... View complete list
30th May12A To Z Home Essentials, C D M Property (Scotland), Express Capital Consulting LP, Hotel Le Monde, Howard Export LP, Hpe4 CIP L.P., Lotus Industrial L.P., Mike Stevenson @ Thinktastic, Ostinvest L.P., SQ1 LLP... View complete list
31st May16Achkeepster, Am Financial Management, Apex Import/Export L.P., Awerntex LP, Bright Box Engineering, Business Level Consulting LP, CPC Contracts, Datasoftsolutions LP, Edinburgh Distillers, Europharm Group L.P.... View complete list