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Craighall Gardens

Craighall Gardens is a place in North Edinburgh with a small number of businesses.


Bangholm Recreation Ground

Bangholm Recreation Ground is a sports venue where watch and take part in a number of sporting and other events.

Address: Craighall Gardens, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 4RH



Address: 17 Craighall Gdns, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 4RH

First Class Learning

First Class Learning provides private tutoring to individuals and small groups of students to boost their learning in specific subjects.

Address: 16 Craighall Gardens, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 4RJ

Food Hold Ltd

Holding Companies

Address: 4 Craighall Gardens, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 4RJ

Helen How

Helen How offers a range of alternative techniques to diagnose and treat various neuromusculoskeletal complaints.

Address: 14 Craighall Gdns, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 4RJ


Work4health Ltd


Address: Flat 15, 22 Craighall Gardens, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH6 4RJ

Reviews of Establishments on Craighall Gardens

Find out what people are saying about places on Craighall Gardens.

An incredible osteopath and a great healer - review of Helen How by Mali

I came to Helen with a lower back problem that had been bothering me for over a year and getting worse. She conducted a complete assessment and found my symptoms to indicate gluteal... More »

I really would be lost without Helen - review of Helen How by Faz Hamid

When everyone turns around and says to you that you will need an operation or you won't be fixed along comes Helen with her positive mindset and honesty to say it like it... More »

The Virgin London Marathon 2016 - review of Helen How by Karen Rutherford

I would like to thank Helen for her kindness, confidence and obviously her Electrotherapy treatment in helping me get back to fitness after an ankle injury. With 5 weeks left to train before The... More »

Returned to running after Achilles Tendinopathy - review of Helen How by William

Over 30 years of running had finally caught up with my Achilles. This time the injury was so bad I had difficulty even walking. Helen has me back running again. Her experience and... More »

Rotator Cuff Injury and Frozen Shoulder - review of Helen How by Jane Christie

I fell off my bike 18 months ago and injured my rotator cuff. After a number of weeks as my shoulder was becoming increasingly painful and imobile my GP gave me a... More »

On with the dance! - review of Helen How by Lesley Allen

I first visited Helen about a year ago with my hip. I am a competitive ballroom and Latin dancer and had been in sheer agony for 18 months. GP said it... More »

A new lease of life - review of Helen How by Hossein

I had been suffering severe back and leg pain for 2 years due to a prolapsed disc and had received physio which only helped up to a point.I still had a lot of... More »

Helen helped me reach my London Marathon dream goal! - review of Helen How by Susan

I first visited Helen following a training injury I received at the start of my London Marathon training early 2016. I had visited a physio for a number of weeks but was... More »

Miracles Do Happen!! - review of Helen How by Angela Chambers

I visited Helen a week and a half ago in severe pain, with what the GP had told me was sciatica. Within 5 minutes of being examined, Helen diagnosed the problem. ... More »

She is amazing - review of Helen How by Rosa

Helen has wonderful skills in diagnosis, she focuses on healing a person and will do all she can to make you pain free. You never feel slotted in or pushed out her aim... More »

Ripped hamstring cured in two visits - yes it can be done!! - review of Helen How by Elaine Morris

I have been a patient of Helen's for some years now and have always been extremely pleased with the wide range of treatments on offer. Helen has never failed to to bring... More »

Delaying hip replacement surgery - review of Helen How by Clare

Having been in pain for years I was diagonsed with osteoarthritis in my hip and advised I would need a hip replacement which would be delayed as long as possible as I am... More »

The best treatment you can possibility get in an hour! - review of Helen How by Kat Usher

I have been a patient of Helen's for a few years now & having previously experienced poor treatments elsewhere Helen's knowledge & treatments are second to none. She offers the Best treatment... More »

Helen treats hamstrings with shock waves machine too! - review of Helen How by Avril

Further to my previous two postings, I find myself needing to rave about Helen again. Despite Helen always using various methods during my treatments she managed to surprise me a few days... More »

Helen is a Trailblazer with a smiley face! - review of Helen How by AB

Helen has a real empathy with her patients,she combines exceptional skill with the latest technology facilitating recovery where others fail.... More »

Cured long term back and neck problems - review of Helen How by Hugo B-M

I had some sessions with Helen earlier this years having struggled with back and neck spasms for a few years, made worse by the regular lifting of young children. Physios had been... More »

Headache free after only 2 treatments - review of Helen How by Katrina Stewart

Having experienced daily headaches for nearly 5 months I visited Helen and received treatment with the shock wave therapy machine. I was symptom free for about a week afterwards but following my second... More »

Reaches places, doctors don't know exist:)))) - review of Helen How by Steph Borer

Whatever the problem, it's past tense when i leave the room....amazing...treatment from a wonderful woman.... keep smiling... More »

An absolute life saver. - review of Helen How by Faz hamid

I feel if there was ever a time i really regret is the time i didnt take out to commend Helen and write a review on how this lady absolutely gave me absolute... More »

'Pennies from Heaven' - review of Helen How by Julia Henderson

I felt I must write a review on Helen's web page, to thank her for getting me mobilising again so speedily and to recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone with joint/muscle pain or loss/reduction... More »

Changed my Life! - review of Helen How by Michele Lowe

I have had 4 treatments from Helen and it has changed my life! After 20 years of chronic back pain and many years of physio and steroid injections, an osteopath from Inverness suggested... More »

Thanks for fixing her - review of Helen How by Stacey

Just wanted to say thanks for fixing Fiona last week. One treatment and she was sorted. She has never had such great results and I am so grateful given her complicated health. Being... More »

Friendly service - knows her machines and her occupation inside out! - review of Helen How by Angel

I picked this lady out of 4 possible Osteopaths and I am glad I did! Helen uses Ultra sound and Shock Waves and along with the rehabilitation and exercises she gave me, I am... More »

The latest addtion to the Helen's repetoire - review of Helen How by Leila Nelson

Today Helen gave me a introduction to her new Chattanooga Intel RPW, otherwise nicknamed 'dialect' because of the noise it makes. And I had incredible instant relief to the inflamed muscles in... More »

GIVEN MY LIFE BACK - review of Helen How by J Christie

After years of debilitating knee pain, I was diagnosed with patella tendinopathy. I had tried everything but nothing was helping, and the hospital did'nt recommend, the only treatment they could offer me.... More »

Relief at Last! - review of Helen How by Pam Strachan

I had been suffering form a frozen should for 9 months, before a friend recommended Helen. I had given up on the National Health and on a local sports clinic, whose physio... More »

Impressive - review of Helen How by Aileen weurman

2 treatments from Helen for dodgy knee and leg pain and the improvement is amazing. These machines certainly do the job and Helen is a great entertaining character. Very impressed after this... More »

Dedicated to helping - review of Helen How by K Smith

Helen will go out of her way to help you. And you are always sure to leave with a smile on your face no matter how bad things are. Highly recommend.... More »

I have just finished my third treatment with Helen and I feel I'm back to normal - review of Helen How by Sylvia

I had terrible pains in my right leg which was the result of an inflammation of the trochanteric bursitis. I have also had arthritis in my knee for the last twelve or so... More »

Thank goodness for Helen briefly continued... - review of Helen How by Avril

How could I forget to mention two other aspects which I believe to be important also? The craniosacral therapy I receive as part of my appointment is another part of the wide ranging... More »

Thank goodness for Helen and her machines! - review of Helen How by Avril

I cannot express how much Helen has helped me in the past 8 months. I am an infrequent client usually however various health issues meant my physical strength etc deteriorated and I... More »

Helen's new machine - review of Helen How by Magda

Whatever new machine Helen's using now it's just amazing! It relieved my pain very quickly, I'm so happy I got much better and do thing I wasn't able to do due to my... More »

Helen's magic pain relieving machine! - review of Helen How by Luci Williams

I contacted Helen as I was completely immobilised with lower back pain. She immediately pinpointed the severe pain each morning I had been experiencing for months, the difference in Helens treatment to others... More »

Florence and the Machine... oh NO it's Helen and the machine!!! - review of Helen How by Chris McCoy

Brilliant recovery after a torn Achilles tendon....Helen is working to prevent me having surgery, so far so good, and the new machine is fab! Even if I have to have surgery, I know... More »

Excellent effective treatment with a personal touch - review of Helen How by Tessa Paterson

Great results from Helen. I have recommended her to a few people who have continued to go back to Helen for treatments.... More »

Helen has changed my lifestyle by helping me - review of Helen How by Jason Paterson

Helen has instantly new what was wrong with my leg and wasted no time in treating the issue she is a continued support... More »

Helen is a extraordinary woman - review of Helen How by Donna graham

I had a back problem and had tried various physios including physio from a private Edinburgh hospital through my private health care. The treatment I was receiving from them was making me worse.... More »

Helen will fix any back problems, she has the hands of god. - review of Helen How by Kat Usher

I found Helen really listened to my symptoms so she could manage my recovery in the best way possible. She explained everything and responded within 30 mins after i made contact on a... More »

Helen is Awesome - review of Helen How by Simon Foad

Went to see Helen as my back was in spasm, having been a former Strongman and Powerlifter I have seen numerous Physios and Osteopaths I have been treated by osteopaths before and ... More »

Succeeded where others failed! - review of Helen How by N Galloway

After seeing a physio weekly for 2 months for shoulder tendonosis with no improvement, I had a steroid injection which was equally unhelpful. My pain continued to increase and was very debilitating.... More »

PAIN FREE - review of Helen How by GORDON SMITH

I have suffered on and off for the last year from a bad back,my gp sent me for an xray and a visit to a consultant to no avail.Then i heard about the... More »

Unbelievable! - review of Helen How by Don Barker

It was a knee injury that happened over four years ago. Having been a national level runner for some years I was used to injuries. This one, however, was different. It did not... More »

Entirely trustworthy practitioner - review of Helen How by Jenny Harris

For years Helen has kept my fragile back in a good state, and I trust her implicitly. She is entirely professional, and her own development has been totally to my benefit. I recommend... More »

A Speedy Recovery - review of Helen How by Rebecca

Three weeks ago I went to see Helen in agony having sustained an inflamed compressed disk in my neck during marathon training. I was also terribly anxious about missing work as my occupation... More »

Wonderful woman! - review of Helen How by Fem

I saw Helen last year when I had twisted my back from carrying too much and the wrong way, also overdoing it at Curves. When I went in I was doubled over and... More »

I've got to get help!! - review of Helen How by Miss E Graham

I have had chronic back pain on and off for years now and like most I have attended physio's both with the NHS and privately, I also tried chiropractic therapy, tens machine, pain... More »

Relief from plantar fasititis - review of Helen How by Fiona

Helen is a very caring honest person who is working wonders on helping my feet heel from years of pain, she has the latest equipment such as cfar complex machine which is finally... More »

Very Effective Treatment at a Very Reasonable Cost - review of Helen How by K Bryson

I have been going to Helen for over 18 months now and have been delighted with the results. With Helen's flexible and non pressured approach to treatments I am able to attend more... More »

If you are looking for pain relief and quality of movement contact helen - review of Helen How by ALAN

I contacted helen a few months before a hip replacement to see if she could give me relief from referred pain and more movement. Helen listened to my problems re quality of life... More »

Innovative and effective flexamatic approach - review of Helen How by Kirsty

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue and back pain for over ten years. Helen was a recommended to me by a London osteopath and I have found her expertise and kindness fundamental... More »


Map showing Craighall Gardens in Edinburgh.